ACH Food Companies, Inc. Provided core ingredients for cooking and baking. Mexican rice, fajitas, tortillas, spring rolls, ACH produced cooking oil such as Mazola. Production included spices and seasonings such as Spice Islands, Durkee, Weber Seasonings, French’s brands as well. ACH supplied Karo corn syrup, Argo corn starch and baking powder and Fleischmann’s yeast.

The Oklahoma facility located in the OKC Stockyard district closed its doors in summer of 2004 with the loss of 82 jobs. ACH said that a series of recent acquisitions caused the closure. Production shifted to ACH plants in Illinois. The company did not close any other plants. ACH President Dan Antonelli said the decision to close was "a  difficult but necessary one." The company had encouraged its employees to apply for jobs at its other plants. They offered severance packages & outplacement support.

An auction in May of of 2005 included machinery such as Conveyors, Nitrogen tanks, Semi's, Bottling line's & Scales.

The Complex now sits abandoned & has beeen the victim of vandalisim, copper theives & graffiti artists. The buildings have also been used for air soft & paintball teams.