Plans began in 1919 and by late October of 1921 construction neared completion. Opened in 1922, the building was a handsome one, an ornament to the city. Red brick with a trim of Bedford stone. The columns on the front facade gave it a look of dignity and a look of permanence. It started as a 120 bed county owned and operated facility. Major renovations and expansions were completed in 1941 through 1967.

In 1969 The Memorial Hospital merged with the already existing Jane Phillips hospital.The former building was now named Jane Phillips Episcopal Hospital.

 In May 1982, Geriatrics patients moved into the Memorial Building. Much remodeling and renovation work was done to the Memorial Building in preparation for Geriatrics patients. New bathrooms were installed, doors were widened to accommodate wheelchairs, handrails were installed for safety purposes, and dining rooms were provided on each floor.

The building closed sometime in the 1990's and was later sold to a local Bartlesville business man for  $150,000.

There are plans for renovation but nothing has been seen at this time.