Dogpatch USA is an abandoned theme park located on State Highway 7 between the cities of Harrison and Jasper in Arkansas, USA, an area known today as Marble Falls. It was opened in 1968, and was based on the comic strip Li'l Abner, created by cartoonist Al Capp and set in a fictional village called Dogpatch.

Dogpatch USA was a commercial success in its early years, and investors, buoyed with optimism about the park's future, decided to pursue extensive and heavily financed expansion in the form of a sister park, "Marble Falls", designed as a ski resort and convention center. But the following years saw a combination of characters and unforeseen events transform the high hopes of investors into a financial roller coaster ride which eventually ended in the park's demise.

Ownership of the park changed hands many times throughout its history, and it was finally closed in 1993. Since that time much of the property of the twin parks has been neglected and frequently vandalized, and portions of the land are either entangled in legal issues, in a state of redevelopment, or for sale once again.
In January 2009 a waste sewage lift station in Marble Falls flooded and ceased to function due to a severe ice storm. It caused sewage to overflow down into Mill Creek, which feeds into the Buffalo National River .The lift station, which was installed when Dogpatch was built to support the park and a large community that would grow around the area (which never happened). By today’s standards the facility would be considered an antique and is in severe need of replacement since it fell into complete disrepair after the park closed however it is unclear who should pay for it since the status of the land it’s on is also unclear. In November 2009 the broken lift station was confirmed by the National Parks Service to be one of the causes for unusually high levels of fecal coli form and bacteria coming from Mill Creek into the Buffalo River. The community supported by the massive system is about 25 subscribers. Since the accident the have had their waste disposal rates doubled, and the money used to hire two system operations. This put them at at odds with state regulations. It is estimated it will cost this community 1 million dollars to replace the system, but the only other solution would be to just shut off their water. In July of 2010 it was reported that the state intended to sue the Marble Falls community for contaminating the waterways of Arkansas. For more info please check out a longer more detailed article by psychosaw13 here